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About TSP

TSP Title Sequence by Micah Chambers-Goldberg

TITLED SKETCH PROJECT is ambitious sketch comedy performed by some of the funniest people in L.A., featuring veteran actors from MADtv, Boom Chicago, and The Groundlings. The project itself is the culmination of blood, sweat, tears, insomnia, carpal tunnel syndrome, facial twitching, weight gain, weight loss, back pain, shattered relationships, and of course… dreams.

TSP is an entirely independent production owned by the cast and crew who put it together. We shoot in our producer’s apartment and our film crew is named Becky. We’re based in Hollywood, CA where jobs are scarce and crap is plentiful. All we want is a piece of that crap.

So we made a thing. And we hope you enjoy it. If you do, please tell your friends (that you love them).

Dan Oster
Lauren Flans
Will Maier
Jen Burton
Bobby Mort
Laurel Coppock
Becky Nelson
Vlad Berkhemer